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In order to improve the productivity and quality of raw jute through a carefully designed intervention, called the Jute ICARE, the Government has been supporting close to one lakh jute farmers by disseminating improved agronomic practices such as line sowing using seed drills, weed management by using wheel-hoeing and nail-weeders, distribution of quality certified seeds and also providing microbial assisted retting.
Following a letter from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, SR Gaikwad, Director ( Jute), Ministry of Textiles, has written to the Jute Commissioner of Kolkata that due to the current steep hike in the price of raw jute, the price of jute bags has also increased, resulting in a higher burden of subsidy to be given by the Central government for purchase of jute bags.
Bangladesh has suspended the export of raw jute till further notice, said a press release here on Monday.
For instance, Bangladesh is the world's largest raw jute exporter, Pakistan the fifth largest milk producer - a country with a strong textile base as well, Egypt, Iran and Nigeria have rich oil reserves while Indonesia and Malaysia boast agriculture and mineral resources that are the envy of the region.
Pakistan can import raw jute and jute goods, tea, betel nuts and betel leaves, newsprint, fresh fruits such as bananas and pineapples, bamboos, and so forth.
In Dundee, raw jute exported 9000 miles away in the Bengal region of India were created to make cloth.
1 July 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday rated the bank facilities of Indian raw jute exporter S.
Until the early 1980s, exports were dominated by a few commodities, namely raw jute, jute goods and tea.
During the British Raj in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, much of the raw jute fibre of Bengal was carried off to the United Kingdom, where it was then processed in mills concentrated in Dundee.
Dhaka also requested Islamabad to grant duty-free access of its raw jute and jute goods along with Bangladeshi tea to the Pakistan market to help correct the trade imbalance.
Farmers in India want their government to intervene in the market as prices of raw jute fall.
off-shore oil coal, Ready made garments, jute goods, raw jute, food processing, fertiliser, leather, petroleum products.