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LDRA's integration of its tool suite with the IBM Rational Rose RealTime development environment has been written and tested using IBM Rational Rose RealTime v7.
Both products are seamlessly integrated with Rational Rose.
LDRA's integration of the LDRA tool suite with the IBM Rational Rose RealTime development environment has been written and tested using IBM Rational Rose RealTime v7.
The integration works by enabling Visual Age to read Java code, transforming it into XMI definitions and, from that, creating a visual model in Rational Rose.
We believe that many companies considering BPM solutions can learn from the Great Clips example, especially its heavy use of the Rational Rose process to identify and specify use cases and the processes that needed to be automated.
Together, MULTI and Rational Rose RealTime Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools greatly simplify the conceptualization, development and deployment of complex embedded applications for a wide range of microprocessors and real-time operating systems.
Support for Rational Rose in the recently announced ObjectSwitch 3 server platform enables software developers to utilize powerful visual modeling to create next-generation service applications for telecommunications and network service applications.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed it is using Rational Rose Real-time from computer company IBM to develop software for the James Webb Space Telescope.
a supplier of embedded software solutions, and a Rational Unified Partner Program member, has announced the availability of its INTEGRITY real-time operating system for Rational Rose RealTime visual development environment.
com The Developer Edition features (1) a family of UML diagrams (use-case, package, class, sequence, collaboration, and state diagrams), (2) an Open API for add-in integration with other development tools, (3) fully customizable documentation generation and information export, using the Java programming language itself or JPython as the scripting language, (4) Rational Rose import and export, (5) multiframe HTML documentation generation and wall-chart printing, and (6) external tools access (to launch an editor or IDE; or interact directly with a version control system).
Dubbed Team Integration Architecture, the architecture tightly integrates updated versions of ten Rational products, including Rational Rose, TeamTest and RequisitePro.