ratio scale

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ra·ti·o scale

a scale that involves physical units and demonstrates their relations.
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Quantitative evaluation targets could be described by fuzzy membership degree or by the ratio scale in the range of 0-1; while qualitative evaluation targets should undergo uniform scale processing.
The general form of dependent real-valued variables with interval scale nonconstant and continuous-at-a-point when all fundamental or independent variables have ratio scale, that is, the general solutions of the functional equation
One worth noting result of the approach is the level at which expected values could be measured, on a ratio scale with common unit and common zero across losses and gains.
If an attribute was either in the interval or the ratio scale, it was scored based on Equation (1) only when the score of attribute similarity was more than that of MCAS.
Make a series of pairwise comparisons among the elements according to a ratio scale 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.
In the conventional AHP, the pairwise comparison is commonly made by using a 9-point ratio scale, ranging from least preferred to most preferred.
The AHP process derives priorities using ratio scales, which results in a proportionate and more consistent measure of reality.
With the ratio scale axis, the coordinates for the second aperture can be generated using the LO frequency [F.
By adding a ratio scale of 1 to 9 for rating the relative importance of one criterion over another, a decision maker could make statements such as "leadership is four times as important as human relations skills for this job," "financial management ability is three times as important as leadership," and "financial management ability is seven times as important as human relations skills.
To put these feelings on a cardinal ratio scale, Mayerfeld opts for What he calls "the intuitive measure," suggesting that "[t]hese estimates [of intensity] are directly produced by intuition, hence their name" (p.