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credit rating,

n the evaluation of a person's responsibility toward meeting financial obligations.
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The agency expects to publish the college ratings system before the 2015-16 school year and will continue to refine the ratings system over time based on user and institutional experience, input from the field, and the availability of additional data.
Vaizey added that "simplification of the ratings system benefits both industry and consumers and will help ensure that the millions of games sold in the UK each year are being played by the audiences they were intended for.
The board was set up in 1968 as a voluntary ratings system.
We were delighted to learn that parents and their children are very familiar with the ESRB ratings system, but it was even more gratifying to see that such a large majority of parents are aware of, researching and active in their children's videogame purchasing and playing," said Robin Kaminsky, EVP of Publishing for Activision.
The board, set up in 1968 as a voluntary ratings system, meets in the MPAA's headquarters in Encino, where there is a full-time administrative staff.
Only by using an independent ratings system such as PSVratings can an objective definition of violence be established.
The guidelines also call on exhibitors to help parents further understand the ratings system and inform customers of the reasons a film received a particular rating.
11 report charging the movie, music and video game industries with violating their own ratings systems by marketing violent material to children as young as 10.
Two weeks ago, the DGA called for an overhaul of the current ratings system and a ``zero tolerance'' policy toward underage admissions by theater owners.
The ratings system makes it crystal clear whether or not the content of the video game is appropriate for young children.
There's room for improvement,'' said Richard Taylor, spokesman for the Motion Picture Association of America, whose president, Jack Valenti, oversaw creation of the ratings system.