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Vox populi The comparison or a thing or process with another. See Community rating, Experience rating, Hazard risk rating, Modified community rating, RISCC rating, SPF rating, Therapeutic rating.

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Q. What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to the rest of the world? What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to other countries in the world. I don't mean amount of alcohol consumed, but alcohol addiction/dependency. Links to your sources would be appreciated. Cheers! (pun intended)

A. here is a link to a CDC table about drinking hobbits of Americans:
here is an article about it, and it gives good links also:

Q. where would i find list of all the "clean" cities and the rates of air pollution ...?

A. i don't know about a list of "good" cities, but i know a list of the worse cities for Asthmatic people!-

Q. I was wondering the rate at which alcohol induces brain damage. I am not an alcoholic and I use to drink only on weekends. I was wondering the rate at which alcohol induces brain damage; I know that over some years, damage occurs, but does anything happen after a month of drinking on weekends?


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Fitch's upgrade of Brazil's ratings are a result of the country's on-going improvement in public and private external finances and a macroeconomic policy framework that has proved robust in the face of political and financial market pressures.
Many Brazilian corporate ratings continue to be linked to the 'BB' foreign currency IDR of the sovereign.
Fitch anticipates CBCF will bring stronger parent company liquidity management to the combined organization and this is reflected in placing RBNC's short-term rating of 'F3' on Rating Watch Positive.
The new ratings methodology is designed to add greater transparency to Fitch's insurance industry ratings.
Fitch's upgrade, affirmation, and assignment of HUM's Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) ratings, affirmed commercial paper rating, and the change of Rating Outlook is not part of the implementation of the new methodology, but rather reflects Fitch's annual review of the company's performance and capitalization.
As part of the process of applying Fitch's IDR and Recovery Rating criteria, Fitch reviewed the long-term foreign and local currency ratings (now LC IDRs and FC IDRs) of all of the internationally-rated Latin America Corporates.
Due to this uncertainty, the state's rating is assigned a Negative Rating Outlook, and the rating is affirmed at 'A' and removed from Rating Watch Negative, where it was originally placed on Sept.
Additionally, Fitch views this unit's current capitalization as generally weaker than that of many of AIG's other core insurance operations, but not to an extent that requires Fitch to differentiate between the insurer financial strength ratings of this unit and those of AIG's other core insurance operations.
S&P's ratings were on average slightly higher than Fitch's ratings, while Moody's were slightly lower;
All rating changes being made today in implementing the new ratings guidelines are being designated as 'revisions', as opposed to upgrades or downgrades.
The adoption of the new notching methodology resulted in the upward revision in the debt rating of one U.
All long-term issuer and short-term issuer ratings previously assigned in the North American property/casualty insurance, title insurance and insurance broker sectors are withdrawn.