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e, The finding of dense amorphous mucin from a pituitary region mass is virtually pathognomonic of Rathke cleft cyst, although technicallysome consideration might be given to a cystic teratoma; the latter is exceedingly rare in this site.
The overwhelming majority of sellar region masses are pituitary adenomas (85%), followed by craniopharyngiomas (3%), Rathke cleft cysts (2%), meningiomas (1%), and metastases (0.5%); all other lesions, such as hypophysitis, pituicytoma, spindle cell oncocytoma, and granular cell tumor of neurohypophysis, are rare lesions.
MRI findings and clinical manifestations in Rathke cleft cyst.
Grisoli, "Do the suprasellar neurenteric cyst, the Rathke cleft cyst and the colloid cyst constitute a same entity?" Acta Neurochirurgica, vol.