Rathke's pouch

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a bag or pocket; see also cavity, recess, and sac.
abdominovesical pouch the pouchlike reflection of the peritoneum from the abdominal wall to the anterior surface of the bladder.
craniobuccal pouch (craniopharyngeal pouch) Rathke's pouch.
Douglas' pouch Douglas' cul-de-sac.
Indiana pouch a bladder surgically created using a segment of isolated, detubularized colon that may or may not be patched with small bowel. The ureters are implanted into the pouch in a non-refluxing manner. A continence stoma to the abdomen is created by intussusception of a small segment of bowel.
Kock pouch see kock pouch.
Prussak's pouch a recess in the tympanic membrane between the flaccid part of the membrane and the neck of the malleus.
Rathke's pouch a diverticulum from the embryonic buccal cavity from which the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is developed. Called also craniobuccal or craniopharyngeal pouch.
rectouterine pouch Douglas' cul-de-sac.
Seessel's pouch an outpouching of the embryonic pharynx rostrad to the pharyngeal membrane and caudal to Rathke's pouch.
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In our study the most anatomical variation was agger nasi cell and least was Rathke's pouch remanent.
(9) Mucosa of nasopharynx is composed of epithelium, lymphoid tissue and accessory salivary glands therefore d/d include rathke's pouch, pharyngeal bursa, teratoma, meningocele, abscess, meningocele, ac polyp, mucocele of sphenoid, JNA, pleomorphic adenoma D/d of Thornwaldts cyst and Branchial cyst is based on the anatomical location.
These cyst can neither be a branchial cyst from second pharyngeal cleft nor be a Rathke's pouch. These two embryological remnants can be differentiated by the position.