Martin H., German anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1793-1860. See: Rathke bundles, Rathke cleft cyst, Rathke diverticulum, Rathke pocket, Rathke pouch, Rathke pouch tumor.
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When asked about the Hamas leader's visit to Turkey during a press conference, then-US State Department Press Office Director Jeff Rathke said: "Hamas is a designated foreign terrorist organization.
Speaking to reporters on Monday, Department Spokesperson Jeff Rathke said: "The United States strongly opposed the creation of the Gaza Commission of Inquiry.
In Washington, State Department spokesman Jeffrey Rathke Friday admitted the talks were proving "complicated," but nonetheless said the United States believes a deal can still be reached by June 30.
With respect to this delegation, the State Department is not planning a meeting with the visiting delegation," State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke told journalists Tuesday.
State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said Kerry was doing well and conducting business by telephone from Massachusetts General Hospital.
US State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke congratulated the Turkish people for their participation in Sunday's Parliamentary elections.
State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said, "She's committed to staying on through the completion of the talks.
There's an opportunity for general counsel to check in before it gets to that point," Rathke says.
The US stands with the people of Saudi Arabia against this violence and remains committed to working with the Saudi government and our international partners to fight violent extremism in the region," Rathke added.
The lifting of the state sponsor of terrorism designation does not lift the embargo, just to put that kind of bluntly," State Department press office director Jeff Rathke told reporters.
In Washington, US State Department press office director Jeff Rathke told reporters May 27 that Kerry and Zarif would meet in Geneva at the weekend as part of "the ongoing EU-coordinated P5+1 negotiations".