Martin H., German anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1793-1860. See: Rathke bundles, Rathke cleft cyst, Rathke diverticulum, Rathke pocket, Rathke pouch, Rathke pouch tumor.
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Tillerson was confirmed as secretary of state by a vote of 56 to 43, "a remarkably low level of support," said Jeff Rathke, a former career Foreign Service officer and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Rathke cleft cyst (RCC) is a rare, usually asymptomatic cystic lesion of the sellar/suprasellar region originating from the embryonic remnants of the Rathke cleft.
A primary ectopic craniopharyngioma is a rare tumor that diagnoses for the first time without any Rathke's pouch within the vestigial craniopharyngeal duct.
By Martina Rathke and Juergen Ruf, DPA/Freiburg, Germany
Rathke (1837) made a large report on the fauna of Crimea and its shores on the Black Sea, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fishes (8 new species), crustaceans (15 n.
Taken together, the admission diagnoses of pituitary abscess and Rathke's cleft cyst (RCC) were carefully considered and discriminated before operation.
Differential diagnosis of Thornwaldt's cyst is branchial cleft cyst, Rathke's pouch cyst, adenoid retention cyst, meningocoele, sphenoid sinus mucocoele, JNA and possibly nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Planet Fitness Inc., Newington, has announced the appointment of Frances Gregg Rathke to the Planet Fitness board of directors' audit committee.
Rathke is an epic fantasy involving a man cursed by a dying god's blessing, a mute eunuch carrying the dead to the Goddess of Death, and a young girl saved from a burning metropolis only to be raised by the cursed man and two wolf gods.
Overseen in the end by stage director Christoph Marthaler and co-director Joaquim Rathke, with sets and modern-day costumes by Anna Viebrock, this is an oddly cold and unfocused staging, albeit with some fine singing.
In the canola crop, N influences the number of branches per plant, number and mass of seedpods per plant, shoot dry matter, leaf area, mass of grains per plant and oil content in the seeds (Rathke et al., 2006; Cheema et al., 2010; Chavarria et al., 2011; Sanches et al., 2014).