rate equation

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rate e·qua·tion

a mathematical expression for a chemical, radiochemical, or enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
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By PETER MUNAITAWorkers, households and small businesses will be the biggest gainers under new measures proposed by Members of Parliament aimed at increasing access to credit.The measures by the Budget Committee aim to address a gap in the interest rate law that made loans available but hindered lending to individuals and small businesses who banks consider risky.
The discussions started by issuing scorecards, which rate law firms on a scale from one to five, allow Groupon to make sure that its outside counsel know the best practices to which the company expects them to adhere.
* AB 1513, the piece rate law for non-productive time going back from July 2012 to December 2015, then January 2016 forward.
After integrating with the boundary conditions at t = 0, [q.sub.t] = 0 and at t = t, [q.sub.t] = [q.sub.t] and rearranging equation (6), the rate law for a pseudo first order reaction become.
The measures include abolition of bank privileges that allowed them to impose unfair terms and changing the interest rate law to scrap the banks' right to raise rates unilaterally.
Rate law (11) is in good agreement with the experimental results.
The overall rate of degradation of TCNM was modeled using a pseudofirst-order rate law. Values of k were determined by regression of ln([C.sub.t]/[C.sub.0]) versus time.
The burn rate law for the particle can be represented as
Since, assumption of NBS or [(NBSH).sup.+] as the reactive species, the rate law fails to explain the negative effect of succinimide.
The weight gain square ([mg.sup.2]/[cm.sup.4]) versus time (number of cycles) plots are plotted in Figure 2 to establish the rate law for the hot corrosion.
The geomorphic approach, particularly the rate law method, can capture the overall behaviour of the channel response to seasonal or annual flow and sediment data, but it cannot account for the effects of flood events.