rate equation

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rate e·qua·tion

a mathematical expression for a chemical, radiochemical, or enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
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To predict the mechansm involved during the present sorption process and the potential rate controlling steps such as mass transport, pore diffusion and chemical reaction processes, the kinetic data obtained from batch experiments have been analyzed using a pseudo-first-order rate equation and pseudo-second-order rate equation.
The Discrete Growth Rate Contenders Growth Rate Growth Rate Equation The Standard Base [g.
Note that these standard errors are slightly smaller than those in the No Credibility model for the per capita GDP growth, inflation, and the policy rate equations but are actually larger for the bond rate equation.
According to Equation (1), the rate equation for each parallel reaction can be written as follows:
Among their topics are the rate equation theory of laser diodes, applying the coupled mode theory, the spectrum of DFB laser diodes, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, noise characteristics, and fabricating and packaging DFB laser diodes.
These modifications require using sophisticated estimation techniques to simplify the federal funds rate equation of the model.
The cone DP meter is a member of the generic differential pressure (DP) meter family and uses the genetic DP meter flow rate equation.
The pattern of Cu release has been described by kinetic models including the power function, parabolic diffusion, and first-order models (Khater and Zaghloul 2002), two-constant rate equation (Jopony and Young 1987), and the parabolic diffusion and two-constant rate equations (Ghasemi-Fasaei et al.
19) Thus, it is important to establish a reaction rate equation for adjusting the deposition process and controlling the byproducts in industrial applications.
There is no estimated exchange rate equation for China: the yuan/dollar exchange rate is exogenous.
The inclusion of uncertainty effects improves the fit of the interest rate equation model, and the estimates of this equation now pass the parameter stability test.
The vapor mass transfer rate equation for the multi-component mass transfer process can be described by the following: