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Chinese medicine see Chinese wild raspberry
Herbal medicine Rubus idaeus, European red raspberry, red raspberry A shrub, the leaves of which contain fragarine and tannin; raspberry leaf infusions may be used to ease muscle spasms, diarrhoea, morning sickness, colds, or sore throat
Drug slang A regional term for a woman who trades sex acts for crack cocaine or for money to buy it
Nutrition A shrub, the fruit of which contains sugars, citric and malic acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, volatile oil
Vox populi A rude sound made with the tongue and lips to express derision or contempt
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Researchers examined the effect of freeze-dried black raspberries on genes altered by a chemical carcinogen in an animal model of esophageal cancer.
Bozhidar Petkov, Chair of the Bulgarian Association of Raspberry and Berry Producers says that in the last two three years, countries that have not traditionally been involved in the production of raspberries like Ukraine, Kosovo, Montenegro, even Albania, have started to appear on the market.
When you are looking for the best raspberries, chose a punnet that is full of plump and dry berries - they should all be even in colour, with a good solid shape.
2: OMBRE RASPBERRY MOUSSE CHEESECAKE Ingredients Serves 10-12 300g Oreo biscuits 100g butter, melted 300g raspberries 150g icing sugar Gelatine or vege-gel, enough to set 1 pint of liquid 400g cream cheese 400ml double cream Extra raspberries, whipped cream and decorations to serve Directions Line the bottom of a 23cm springform cake tin with greaseproof paper.
1 Blitz half the raspberries with half the sugar and a splash of water to make a raspberry sauce, then tip into a small bowl.
Press half of the fresh raspberries through a fine-mesh sieve set over a mixing bowl, to release the juice and remove the seeds.
1Make Press half of the fresh raspberries through a fine-mesh sieve set over a mixing bowl, to release the juice and remove the seeds.
Strong aroma with raspberries and vinegar dominating.
Roughly mash in the raspberries and tip over the oats.
Established red raspberries, including Meeker, Cascade Delight and Vintage; black raspberries such as Jewel; and blackberries like Marion, Boysen, Columbia Star, Navaho and Triple Crown, need some care in early spring in order to stay healthy and productive.
So, with a couple of punnets of raspberries spare I decided to use them as an accompaniment to a nice baked cheesecake.
5 ONCE regarded as a crop specifically for late summer, British raspberries are now available for us all to enjoy from June until November, so you can enjoy them for longer.