Rasmussen encephalitis

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Ras·mus·sen encephalitis

encephalitis in which antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the CNS are found; perhaps autoimmune.
Synonym(s): Rasmussen syndrome

Ras·mus·sen en·ceph·a·li·tis

(ras'mus-ĕn en-sef'ă-lī'tis)
Encephalitis in which antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the central nervous system are found; perhaps an autoimmune disease.

Rasmussen encephalitis

[Theodore Brown Rasmussen, U.S. neurologist, 1910–2002.]


A rare inflammatory disorder, typically involving a single hemisphere of the brain and often resulting in hemiplegia and partial seizures that are difficult to control. The condition is more common in children than in adults.


Grant L., U.S. neuroanatomist, 1904–.
Rasmussen encephalitis - antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the CNS are found and are perhaps autoimmune. Synonym(s): Rasmussen syndrome
Rasmussen syndrome - Synonym(s): Rasmussen encephalitis
bundle of Rasmussen - Synonym(s): olivocochlear tract
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Doctors diagnosed Rasmussen Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that affects just one in 1.8 million people.
Shania Lawrence-Rousseau suffers from Rasmussen syndrome, which affects just one in 1.8 million people.
Doctorsdiagnosed Rasmussen syndrome. It's not known what causes the condition, which leads to cells in one half of the brain becoming inflamed.
So that, the use of hemispherectomy in unilateral focal process, like Rasmussen syndrome, Sturge-Weber sydrome, hemimegalencephaly, extensive vascular insults hemispherical and trauma cranioencephalics are likely to better control of the seizure when compared to diffuse or bilateral processes such as malformations of cortical development.
Regarding to control of seizures, it showed that 90% of patients were in Engel Outcome Class I, but when compared the etiology this essay described that patients affected by Rasmussen syndrome, vascular diseases and hemimegalencephaly presented 90%, 93% and 80% of patients with Engel Class I, respectively.
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