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Chinese medicine see Chinese wild raspberry
Herbal medicine Rubus idaeus, European red raspberry, red raspberry A shrub, the leaves of which contain fragarine and tannin; raspberry leaf infusions may be used to ease muscle spasms, diarrhoea, morning sickness, colds, or sore throat
Drug slang A regional term for a woman who trades sex acts for crack cocaine or for money to buy it
Nutrition A shrub, the fruit of which contains sugars, citric and malic acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, volatile oil
Vox populi A rude sound made with the tongue and lips to express derision or contempt
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In addition to her work as co-host of "The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show," Rasberry also co-hosts the twice-weekly podcast "A Sandwich and Some Lovin'" with her husband, Allen Evans.
In this ambitious, important book, Rasberry completely transforms our understanding of both totalitarianism and midcentury black writing by bringing together two grand narratives that are usually considered in isolation: "the rise and fall of the global color line" and "the battle between the 'free world' and the totalitarian sphere" (25).
So you basically need something like an SD card or something like that, even on a Rasberry Pi," said Back.
Dubbed the Tinker Board, it's very much like the Rasberry Pi except that it has a Rockchip processor that's powerful enough to handle 4K video and 24-bit audio playback, reports Engadget.
(2013), Pirrie & Lodewyk, 2012, Rasberry et al., 2011, Spitzer & Hollmann, 2013), en especial, la variable cardiovascular (Van Dusen, Kelder, Kohl, Ranjit & Perry, 2011) planteada como condicion fisica funcional en la prueba Simce de Educacion Fisica.
Rasberry, C.N., Lee, S.M., Robin, L., Laris, B.A., Russell, L.A., Coyle, K.K.
In 2002, pest control operator Tom Rasberry reported an invader in Texas, what's now called the Rasberry, or tawny, crazy ant.
Foster's After Sales Manager, Andy Rasberry has led the team of after sales specialists at Foster who have worked on creating the packages, designed in response to customer mistrust of aftercare and a demand for more transparency in warranty provision in the industry.
Out in three choices A[degrees] Rasberry Rose, Vanilla & Macadamia and Original, it comes in a tin, uniting flavours with aromas.
Regents Chairman Clinton "Bubba" Rasberry said the proposal was an end-run around the board's construction budget procedures, which are set in the state constitution.
Residents utilizing private or small, semi-public wells are typically those most vulnerable to waterborne illnesses (Craun, 1986), and the presence of disease-causing bacteria has been documented in private wells throughout Pennsylvania (Lindsey, Rasberry, & Zimmerman, 2002; Swistock & Sharpe, 2005).