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rasas (räˑ·sz),

n.pl in Ayurveda, the six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. These tastes are intimately bound up with doshas, so that individuals crave the tastes they need to restore balance in the doshas. See also doshas.
RasaPredominant mahabhutas
SweetPrithivi and
SourPrithivi and
SaltyJala and
PungentVayu and
BitterVayu and
AstringentVayu and
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Tabula Rasa is therefore an anthology of sorts, with each track being a story or character in its own right.
In the course of its research, TABULA RASA hosted a "Spoofing Challenge," which invited researchers from around the world to develop attack plans and to attempt to deceive various biometric systems.
It must be said that Rasa was an enjoyable place to eat, whether it be its relaxing trademark pink walls or the friendly, patient staff who put up with my endless perusal of the menu.
Rasa chenduram and naga parpam were purchased from The Indian Medical Practitioners Co-Operative Pharmacy and Stores Limited, Chennai, India with batch nos.
In chapter 3, "The Classification of Rasa Gendhing" he launches a thorough analysis of how these lexical mappings relate to how musicians talk about the karawdtan repertoire as musical objects--the first of the three possible meaning categories of rasa (see above).
We are confident that RSTec will continue the high quality and service that the Rasa name is known for," says, CEO of Eiki Shoji, Mr.
Anandavardhana's Dhvanyaloka proved to be a landmark text, forcing practically every theorist after him to confront what we, following Roland Barthes, might call the "writerly" nature of rasa.
The fiscal 2009 district budget was $73,203,960 and Paxton cut $160,000 from its town budget to make its RASA payment.
INDIAN restaurant Rasa is currently celebrating its third year during the auspicious Kerala festive season of Onam.
In Sunset Park, one need look no further than the recent opening of the Tabla Rasa art gallery at 224 48th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, which features the works of local artists.
Police fired on the demonstrators after a man in the crowd shot at them and others threw stones and knives during the rally in the central Afghan city of Mihtarlam, said Dad Mohammed Rasa, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.
Also now out of work is the entire band of kind brothers who made up Rasa Libre.