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rare earth,

n metallic elements used in intensifying screens. Also refers to fast-exposure roentgen-ray screen film.
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Rare earth elements and yttrium in seawater: ICP-MS determinations in the East Caroline, Coral Sea, and South Fiji basins of the western South Pacific Ocean.
The recent increased attention to the rare earth metals is a result of both a lack of domestic supply of rare earth elements, together with added demand for green energy and concern regarding China's historic control of the rare earth market, according to the US Forest Service's "Environmental Assessment, Ucore Bokan Mountain Mining Plan of Operations," published in June and recent presentations held at local business gatherings in Ketchikan.
3) Heavy rare earth elements:Includes extremely scarce rare earth elements such as dysprosium.
While rare earth element analysis method is not as precise as radiocarbon dating, Purdy said the significance of human skeletons found in Vero Beach is unquestionable in terms of their presence in the Western Hemisphere.
For rare earth elements, China's policy of "resource nationalism" is even more pronounced.
Sunken treasure Geologists measured concentrations of rare earth elements in ocean sediments at 78 Pacific sites.
Looking for an uncommon solution, a team of scientists has developed an application of rare earth elements to control and track runoff phosphorus from soils receiving livestock manure.
But McKean says while the rare earth elements can get lost in the recycling process, some cobalt and even zinc can be recovered from some NiMH batteries in addition to valuable nickel.
2011), the Bear Creek Property contains potential for significant resources of rare earth elements (REEs) and may contain rare earth oxides.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The global Rare Earth Elements (REE) market is valued at 5 billion USD in 2014.
13 that analysis of samples from a recent exploration program at its wholly owned Greenland exploration licenses identified a new rare earth elements discovery in the southern part of the country near Narsarsuaq.