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Henry, 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Rappaport classification.
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Jack Resnick & Sons announced that industry veteran Brett Greenberg has been promoted to Executive Managing Director of Leasing and that Adam Rappaport has been hired to serve as & Managing Director of leasing, where he will be responsible for the firm's three-million square-foot Downtown and Midtown South commercial portfolio.
com/6PH4wLRa) posted on Pastebin during the weekend it was releasing the files because "CEO Richard Rappaport spat in our face after making our signature and quite frankly, handsome business proposal and so our hand has been forced.
Architectural historian, curator, and educator Nina Rappaport presents Vertical Urban Factory, an architectural study of urban factories throughout the world and throughout history.
Joanne Rappaport analyzes the operation of "race" in early colonial New Granada (Colombia) and delves into "socioracial" categories.
Douglas Rappaport, a partner in Akin Gumps litigation practice, has been quoted in the Financial Advisor IQ article Keep Your Robo Cool or It Might Land You in Hot Water, regarding the potential liabilities financial advisers might face when they use robo-advisors to provide advice to their clients.
The Disappearing Mestizo: Configuring Difference in the Colonial New Kingdom of Granada, by Joanne Rappaport.
The continued drop in energy prices has given seniors room to absorb costs is other expenditures," said H Craig Rappaport, creator of the Rappaport Retirement Index and President of Rappaport Wealth Management.
Synopsis: "If Jack Had" by Steve Rappaport is a dark, ironic, tale of duality and dying, as well as a story of fathers and sons.
In Originalism and the Good Constitution, John McGinnis (1) and Michael Rappaport (2) make an elegant and provocative case for one method of constitutional change.
at New York's gambling facilities, and Foxwoods chief Felix Rappaport said he expects casino developers in Massachusetts will lobby for changes to the law cutting off service there at 2 a.
Ted Rappaport, professor of electrical and computer engineering at NYU, Jim Robinson, general manager of segments and broad market division of Intel's internet of things group, and Sebastien Boria, R&D mechatronic technology leader at Airbus.
Rappaport, law professors at Northwestern University and the University of San Diego, respectively, make clear that they do not gauge constitutional "desirability based simply on [their] own political philosophy.