Speed Reading

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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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The concise, outline format is useful for rapid reading during urgent clinical situations as well as last-minute refreshers before rounds.
For the first time, we compare patients on several different tasks, tapping verbal short-term memory, rapid reading and verbal memory in the absence of overt speech, to establish whether the same underlying processes are at work.
The fact that Galbert did organize his text as a journal, following the action from day to day--often in a rather breathless fashion--argues for a single rapid reading of the text.
Write has been on a remarkable journey since 1990 when Harris first acquired, what was then, a tiny business that had the rights to offer an internationally successful rapid reading course.
An unexpected breakthrough for Rapid Reading Improvement: AVAILLL uses movies to Read it-See-it-Get-it.
These favourite activities included Surprise Subtitles, an activity designed to encourage rapid reading through chunking of text, Next word hunt: with its emphasis on focused vocabulary teaching and Take a dictionary to the movies: the purpose of which is to extend word meanings.
Other TVTC training programs for women visitors at the festival included computer assembling, bridal make up, hairdressing and finger painting while programs for men included mobile maintenance, car maintenance, domestic safety, rapid reading techniques and photography and the right way to search for jobs.
Of special note is the 'same-page' layout enables rapid reading, comprehension, and retention, making "Reading The Gospel Of St.
These rapid multi-channel instruments have onboard measurement and data analysis software and are suited for labs requiring simple, rapid reading of microplates.
The 'ThinkBuzan System' is built around a number of cutting-edge techniques created to address key areas such as working creatively to generate new ideas and find innovative solutions, conquering an overwhelming workload with ease, making the right decisions quickly, combating information overload with rapid reading and recall, and strategic thinking and goal-setting to boost personal and business development.
These include motivational, word, reading comprehension, and skim and rapid reading skills, with reading exercises and activities to apply these skills, and a section of mastery tests.
In this study, we describe the development of rapid reading measures, sentences presented to students in a nearly subliminal manner, with a literal comprehension question asked following their removal.
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