Joseph, U.S. surgeon, 1853-1921. See: Ransohoff sign.
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Examples of some of the market participants in the global aircraft washing systems market identified across the value chain include: Riveer, Nordic Aerowash Equipment, Hydro Engineered Inc., Cleaning Debrring Finishing Inc., JRI Indstries, Stoelting Cleaning Eqipment, Utrasonic Power Corporation, Jensen Fabricating Engineers Inc., Wanner Engineering Inc., Ransohoff Cincinnati, Encon Evaporators, Daimler Industries Inc.
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They sporadically appear in the elderly or are associated with chronic kidney disease in the advanced stage, aortic stenosis, von Willebrand disease (Ikuta et al 2003; Imperiale & Ransohoff 1988).
Prof Richard Ransohoff, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, US, added: "It is heartening and invigorating to have a newly discovered mechanism to consider in the quest to treat Alzheimer's disease."
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A recent review article by Ransohoff in science suggested the higher levels of inflammatory mediators in parenchyma of stroke and TBI compared to AD, PD, and ALS, indicating potential roles of environmental triggers in the latter group [6].
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