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Fred Wharton, U.S. surgeon, 1886-1954. See: Rankin clamp.
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"Bruce Rankin made his Blues debut in 1902 and went on to make 38 Everton appearances.
It is believed Mr Rankin and Ms Haddock fell in love with the Stein Inn on a camping trip a few years ago.
"It was a tough Tour to start with," recalled Rankin. "I made my debut and it was a blur.
Moreover, England lost the series and Rankin said it was a 'tough tour'.
Rankin responded by developing a team nursing model that incorporated many levels of care and reintegrated licensed practical nurses into the acute care environment.
One of Rankin's biggest legislative decisions was her response to the question of whether the United States should join the First World War against Germany in April 1917.
According to The Bookseller, Rankin's new book is part of a new signed deal, which also includes a second book under contract.
Damian Harper, 48, from Whiston, who has a hi-tech prosthetic leg, is one of four people featured on the BBC4 documentary, No Body's Perfect, with Rankin and Alison Lapper, tomorrow.
Rankin said in his lawsuit that he was one of the complainants, and he alleged his role in the events that led to Chase's forced absence from work eventually factored into his firing.
Her mother, Caroline Watson Rankin, took that statement to heart and decided to do something about it.
Rankin Properties, a full-service real estate investment company founded in 2011 by Jonathan Rankin, the companies said.