Rank sum test

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Mann-Whitney test

A statistical test of the probability that two independent sets of observations come from the same population. The Mann-Whitney test is independent of distribution and can be used when the t test is inappropriate.
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The optimal cutoff was chosen as 47 years old, based on the most significant Wilcoxon rank sum test p value for all possible cutoff points.
The results of Wilcoxon's rank sum test show that LebTLBO outperforms all other TLBO on most of functions.
In the [alpha]1-ARA and control groups, the median-dilated pupil diameters (Q1, Q3) were 6.5 (5.8, 7.3) and 7.6 (6.8, 8.4) mm and the PL ratios were 56.2 (50.1, 62.2) and 68.0 (60.0, 72.9), respectively, with both values being significantly higher in the control group (both p < 0.001; Wilcoxon rank sum test).
The median E% result was significantly higher than that of the 13 recruited patients with AA (P < 0.0001, Mann-Whitney rank sum test; Fig.
Analisis estadistico de la distribucion de los datos observados en el grafico 1, con Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test, observandose diferencias estadisticamente significativas entre ambos grupos.
[C.sub.U] ([alpha]/2) and [C.sub.L]([alpha]/2) are the upper tail value and lower tail value of the two-tailed rank sum test [17,18].
In addition, the significance of the results is statistically confirmed by using Wilcoxon's rank sum test, which demonstrates that the results have not occurred by coincidence.
However, in RA patients with methotrexate therapy, TNF bioactivity at W22 was lower than that in patients treated with other csDMARDs (Wilcoxon rank sum test p = 0.002; Figure 1(b)).
Wilcoxon rank sum test of significance difference (p value) was applied between different pairs of groups and only p values < 0.05 were retained.
Statistical analysis was performed by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), LSD test, or rank sum test. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.
Therefore, a nonparametric statistical method, the Wilcoxon rank sum test, is used in gene selection studies.
Post-fight King-Devick scores were significantly worse for those with significant head trauma during the match (59.1[+ or -]7.4 s post-fight vs 41.0[+ or -]6.7 s baseline, p < 0.0001, Wilcoxon rank sum test).