Ranikhet disease

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Newcastle disease

a serious paramyxovirus disease of poultry and other (including psittacine and passerine) birds. Clinical signs of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) include coughing, gasping and sneezing, diarrhea, petechiae, twisted neck, and paresis of legs and wings. Three strains exist: lentogenic, mesogenic, and velogenic, the last is the most pathogenic (mortality to 100%, may present with peracute signs or sudden death). In humans, velogenic strain may cause acute conjunctivitis and sometimes influenzalike symptoms persisting up to 3 weeks. Exotic disease in North America; first identified in California in fall 2002. Preventive measures include vaccination of poultry, quarantine, import restrictions, and banning feeding based on animal tissues.
[Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, where disease first reported]
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town in northern India.
Ranikhet disease - Synonym(s): Newcastle disease
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