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abbreviation for Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliary in the UK. Used as a qualification by persons admitted to its membership.


a genus of amphibians in the family Ranidae. The genus of frogs.

Rana catesbeiana
American bullfrog; farmed commercially to produce frog meat for human consumption.
Rana clamitans
green frog.
Rana pipiens
leopard frog.
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Rane subsequently formed his own party, MSP, and allied with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.
It's an honor to welcome Rane to our county as the new owner and steward of Precision Die Casting," said state representative Martha Jane King.
I have been around for 45 years and hence I need no lesson from people on what should I do next in my political career," Rane said.
8220;A range of social and political factors drive the contemporary jihadists and Caliphate groups,” Associate Professor Rane says.
Muhammad Hashim Kamali, Chairman of the prestigious International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies in Malaysia aptly stated that "Halim Rane provides a lucid account of Islam's interfaces with western civilization.
Mr Rane said: "We're trying to be sensitive to the fact that people are affected in different ways by the film.
We don't know, but in all probability it could have happened," Rane says.
Ma, Ebeling, and Rane have developed a formulation that works well even for thin-wall structures.
Maurer, Pleck, and Rane (2001) point out that the process of receiving and understanding appraisal is a process of interpretation, with the appraised person interpreting the appraisal given.
Manager Linda Rane said fun activities would be offered for everyone.
Bombay public prosecutor PN Rane said: 'One crew member listened to his conscience and confessed to the police the next day.
Mglass, a distributor of Portuguese artisan glass, has named Lee Rane vice president of sales, a newly created position.