random error

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random error

The patternless differences observed between successive analytical results or statistical trials. Even though the individual results are patternless and unpredictable, the range of random error can be predicted with a given probability once sufficient experience has been gained. The random error is then quantified by the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, and other statistics. See: measurement error; systematic error
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the wrong answer in an experiment or result to a questionnaire.

experimental error
of two types, errors of objectivity when the experimenter knows the groups and the expected result, and errors of detection or measurement due to inadequate technique or the uneven application of measuring techniques.
random error
error which occurs due to chance, such as sampling error.
sampling error
one due to the fact that the result obtained from a sample is only an estimate of that obtained from using the entire population.
systematic error
when the error is applied to all results, i.e. those due to bias.
error types I and II
in making a statistical test, you can reject the null hypothesis when it is true (type I) or accept the null hypothesis when it is false (type II).
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The variance of the random errors of step 5 was set to be the sum of the fitted variance parameters v + [theta].
Landis engineers have actually used these signatures to determine whether inconsistent parts come from random errors in grinding or from problems within individual machine components.
The pure random walk implicitly assumes that the central bank can commit to an inflation target, ignore other variables, and control inflation up to a small random error.
A second effect of feedback could be to reduce participants' random errors.
Bias and random errors in estimation of net root production: a simulation approach.
In contrast, a statistical model is random, with the presence of an unobservable random error and unknown parameters to be estimated.
Mu]*] are vectors of r t trait-item and s method first-order factors, respectively, [epsilon]* is a vector of r s t random errors of measurement, [[zeta].
It was not until the concept of random errors was developed in the mid-1700's that it became defensible to combine observations with the expectation that random errors would tend to cancel each other rather than reinforce each other.
SBA's claim that every day for over a decade the biggest companies on earth win small business contracts through random errors is unbelievable," said Chapman.
The IMU errors are classified according to two broad categories of systematic and random errors.
Systematic biases and random errors were low to moderate
The two types of error are 1) systematic errors and 2) increased random errors.