random error

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random error

The patternless differences observed between successive analytical results or statistical trials. Even though the individual results are patternless and unpredictable, the range of random error can be predicted with a given probability once sufficient experience has been gained. The random error is then quantified by the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, and other statistics. See: measurement error; systematic error
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the wrong answer in an experiment or result to a questionnaire.

experimental error
of two types, errors of objectivity when the experimenter knows the groups and the expected result, and errors of detection or measurement due to inadequate technique or the uneven application of measuring techniques.
random error
error which occurs due to chance, such as sampling error.
sampling error
one due to the fact that the result obtained from a sample is only an estimate of that obtained from using the entire population.
systematic error
when the error is applied to all results, i.e. those due to bias.
error types I and II
in making a statistical test, you can reject the null hypothesis when it is true (type I) or accept the null hypothesis when it is false (type II).
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Where the noise comes from, survey sampling or random errors around a hard measure (e.
The random errors of the PWCMM are close to meeting tolerance requirements for joinery products, and when the objects measured are small, the requirements of the golden rule of metrology are also close to being met.
The SBA Press Office has repeatedly stuck to its excuse that thousands of large businesses have received billions in federal small business contracts year, after year as a result of random errors they describe as " anomalies, miscoding, computer glitches, data entry errors and simple human error.
These charts can be created by QC level or across QC levels to determine whether there are systematic errors in the test system or just random errors.
Random errors are caused by defects which are compensated when a high number of observations are performed.
Such method of testing nonetheless might allow analysis of only few measured angular values of instrument, with only several systematic and random errors values determined (though there can be a huge number of values generated by instrument encoder).
Cancer arises from a single cell, which has mutated in a small number of genes because of random errors in the DNA replication process.
It is not generally recognized, however, that disproportional representation might arise from lack of accuracy or reliability stemming from random errors, which may be thought of as simply "honest mistakes.
The builders level has the advantage of offering very rapid instrument setups and of eliminating random errors in centering the level bubble.
While some split rated bonds may be caused by information opacity problems and others by random errors, investors cannot easily distinguish between the two groups.
As random errors in bodily feedback accumulate, a person drifts to one side or the other.
In this case the rate of change in inventory is random error, and inventory is made up of the sum of those random errors that have accrued over time.