Randall stone forceps

Ran·dall stone for·ceps

(ran'dăl stōn),
a forceps with variably curved slender blades and serrated jaws, used to extract calculi from the renal pelvis or calyces.
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Alexander, U.S. urologist, 1885-1951.
Randall curette
Randall endometrial biopsy curette
Randall operation
Randall plaques - minute stones of urinary salts found on erosions of renal papillae.
Randall stone forceps - used to extract calculi from the renal pelvis or calices.
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When a polyp is visualized during a diagnostic hys-teroscopy performed with a 3-mm flexible hysteroscope, the cervix can then be dilated to 5 mm or 6 mm if necessary, and the polyp can be removed using a Randall stone forceps inserted to the area where the polyp was visualized.
Our basic instrument tray for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, therefore, consists of an open-sided speculum; a series of Hagar dilators; a single-tooth tenaculum; a stainless steel or glass medicine cup; polyp forceps and Randall stone forceps; 9-inch ring forceps; two surgical towels; a 10-cc control syringe; a 22-gauge spinal needle; and 10 4-by-4-inch sponges.