Randall plaques

Ran·dall plaques

mineral concentrations on renal papillae.

Ran·dall plaques

(ran'dăl plaks)
Mineral concentrations on renal papillae.


Alexander, U.S. urologist, 1885-1951.
Randall curette
Randall endometrial biopsy curette
Randall operation
Randall plaques - minute stones of urinary salts found on erosions of renal papillae.
Randall stone forceps - used to extract calculi from the renal pelvis or calices.
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The long-term effects of diabetes on the genitourinary system include diabetic nephropathy, papillary necrosis, renal artery stenosis, diabetic cystopathy and vas deferens calcification4,6 there has been a mention of Randall plaques in literature that could be a cause of these echogenic foci.
It is mentioned in the literature that one- fifth of the patients undergoing abdominal imaging have renal calcifications, which may be labeled as "renal stones"5,8 but many of these calcifications are Randall plaques and not true renal stones because they are neither picked up on plain X ray KUBs nor on excretory urograms.
Randall plaques could result in obstruction of ducts of Bellini and cause pain5 although the Randall plaques may be precursors for a renal stones, they are not equivalent to stones11 and the factors that could distinguish the two remains unexplored5.