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Alexander, early 20th-century U.S. urologist. See: Randall stone forceps.
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Randall, who watched the stage out of sight, gathered up her packages from the bench at the store door, and stepped into the wagon that had been standing at the hitching-post.
"Randall. My mother's name is Aurelia Randall; our names are Hannah Lucy Randall, Rebecca Rowena Randall, John Halifax Randall, Jenny Lind Randall, Marquis Randall, Fanny Ellsler Randall, and Miranda Randall.
When I say Randall's Farm, do you see how it looks?"
They used to say that one o' the Randalls married a Spanish woman, somebody that was teachin' music and languages at a boardin' school.
"He must be a powerful man, this elder Randall," he remarked.
Well, well, the point is a minor one, and when you have Randall you will probably find no difficulty in securing his accomplice.
You will let me know when Randall is arrested, and any further developments which may occur.
The Randall gang were arrested in New York this morning."
Still, there are other gangs of three besides the Randalls, or it may be some new gang of which the police have never heard."
Her nerves were under continual irritation and suffering; and by the ten days' end, her nephew's letter to Randalls communicated a change of plan.
He rode down for a couple of hours; he could not yet do more; but as he came from Randalls immediately to Hartfield, she could then exercise all her quick observation, and speedily determine how he was influenced, and how she must act.
A new Oberweis Dairy store, coupled with a pizza place and burger spot, is coming to the Randall Road corridor.