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Alexander, early 20th-century U.S. urologist. See: Randall stone forceps.
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Ran away, from the plantation of James Surgette, the following negroes: Randal, has one ear cropped; Bob, has lost one eye; Kentucky Tom, has one jaw broken.
As a fellow educator, I am impressed and inspired by John Campanella's career and contributions to the AV industry," said Randal A.
LORD Mayor courts schoolgirl' would make an amazing headline, but you could nearly get away with it in the case of Brum's first citizen Randal Brew.
Crossroads Theatre Company presents It Ain't Nothin' But the Blues, by Charles Bevel, Lita Gaithers, Randal Myler, Ron Taylor and Dan Wheetman.
A soccer ball on the front lawn, children's shoes on the front walk, and four red stockings hanging on a wall next to a Christmas tree were at the house where Randal Miller, 34, Barbara Marie Lane, 36, Wyatt Lane, 10, and Alisha Miller, 5, lived for four years.
Brian Pipe is extraordinarily dedicated to the needs of InfoComm's members around the globe," said Randal A.
Even the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Coun Randal Brew, who was called upon at the last minute to open the carnival, tried his hand.
Coroner's officials said Monday that the dead pilot found inside the wreckage of the Extra 300 stunt plane, which crashed near Piru in Ventura County, was Randal James Gagne, a 42-year-old Sherman Oaks resident.
We consider this venture a new model of cooperation between a community, a local electric company, and businesses," says Randal J.
NEW Lord Mayor Randal Brew is lifting chins across the city as his year in office starts, due to the fact that he's a mini-giant
In using this process, our reps take on the broader role of business consultants," said Randal Simonetti, sales manager.
Randal Pinkett, President of BCT Partners and the 2005 winner of "The Apprentice," and featuring Robert Townsend, President & CEO--Production, Black Family Channel; Jeff Valdez, Chairman, SiTV; Doron Gorshein, Chairman & CEO, The America Channel; and Ken Solomon, Chairman & CEO, The Tennis Channel.