mandibular ramus

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mandibular ramus

Etymology: L, mandere, to chew, ramus, branch
a broad quadrilateral part of the mandible projecting upward from the posterior end of the body behind the lower teeth. It has two surfaces, four borders, and two processes.

mandibular ramus

The vertical portion of the mandible.
See also: ramus

man·dib·u·lar ra·mus

(man-dibyū-lăr rāmŭs)
The upturned perpendicular extremity of the mandible on either side; it gives attachment on its lateral surface to the masseter muscle.


pl. rami [L.] a branch, as of a nerve, vein or artery.

ramus communicans
pl. rami communicantes; a branch connecting two nerves or two arteries.
mandibular ramus
the vertical extension of each half of the mandible that ends at the coronoid process.
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There is a predilection for the posterior and ascending ramus of the mandible.
As these significant counter-clockwise rotations are performed, particularly when the position of the ramus is elongated vertically, the muscles of mastication must be reflected from the ramus of the mandible and a coronoidectomy performed to release the temporalis muscle.
Computed tomography (CT) of the neck showed a mass on the floor of the mouth with erosion of the right horizontal ramus of the mandible and right jugular, right submandibular, and submental lymphadenopathy.
The mass had caused bowing of the ramus of the mandible and erosion of the posterior surface of the right maxillary sinus.
Odontogenic keratocysts are dentigerous or primordial in origin, lined with keratinized epithelium, and more prevalent in the posterior portions of the body and ramus of the mandible.
Enlarged exeresis of the recurrent lesion was performed, including removal of the ascending ramus of the mandible and the skin of the parotid area.

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