mandibular ramus

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mandibular ramus

The vertical portion of the mandible.
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man·dib·u·lar ra·mus

(man-dibyū-lăr rāmŭs)
The upturned perpendicular extremity of the mandible on either side; it gives attachment on its lateral surface to the masseter muscle.
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Horizontal position of mental foramen: Mandibles were bilaterally assessed and placed on a flat surface such that the inferior margin of the ramus of the mandible had maximum contact when vertical pressure was applied to the mandible.
An 18 years old male patient was referred to our institution for fixation of fracture of right ramus of the mandible. Patient had history of road traffic accident a month back with loss of consciousness and one episode of convulsions.
In our cases, one patient with the tumor located at the symphysis of the mandible underwent subtotal mandibulectomy, and the patient with a lesion at the ramus of the mandible underwent segmental mandibulectomy.
The case being discussed is presented with a diffuse swelling involving complete ramus of the mandible in a 12-year-old boy.
The classification of impacted teeth is based on factors like the depth of impaction, the angulations of the third molars and the relationship to the anterior border of the ramus of the mandible. Level of mandibular third molars can be classified using the Pell and Gregory classification system, according to their relationship to the occlusal surface (OS) of the adjacent second molar and relation to anterior border of the ramus.6 The angulation can be classified by winter's classification, with reference to the angle formed between the intersected longitudinal axes of the second and third molars.7
Extra-oral examination showed the presence of diffused swelling extended from the corner of the mouth to the posterior border of the ramus of the mandible. On palpation, the swelling was hard in consistency.
The Transverse Axis of the Ramus (TAR) is presumed to be present somewhere nearer at the junction between the upper one-fourth and lower three-fourth of the ramus of the mandible as evident from the mean value of Cy.
(1, 5-7) Temporalis myofacial flap reduces chances for reankylosis and also maintains the vertical height of the ramus of the mandible gives promising results.
The keratocystic odontogenic tumor (KOT) occurs in the 2nd and 3rd decade in the posterior body or in the ascending ramus of the mandible [22, 23].
Significant inflammatory processes were seen on magnetic resonance imaging in [T.sub.2] (Figure 1b) and necrotic areas in the right ramus of the mandible were also seen as a hypointense signal in [T.sub.2] (Figure 1c).
On examination, there were two fixed, nontender masses of firm consistency and smooth surface; one was located in the inferior surface of the right side of the body of the mandible and the other at the left ramus of the mandible. It does not interfere with mandibular movement.
(6) Each ramus of the mandible consists of the os supra-angulare (dorsal supra-angular bone), os angulare (ventral angular bone), os articulare (osterior articular bone), os spleniale (splenial bone), os prearticulare (prearticular bone), and os dentale (dentary bone) (Fig 9).

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