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Conrad, German surgeon, 1867-1962. See: Ramstedt operation, Fredet-Ramstedt operation.
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It would be of particular value to take a closer look at Smits's connection to his contemporaries, namely, the well-known researchers of Asian peoples and languages Sergei Mikhailovich Shirokogorov (1887-1939) and Gustaf John Ramstedt (1873-1950).
Interestingly, the concept was taken from ancient Javanese literature and strategically built up in the 1960s "to construct a veneer of theological unity" and have Balinese religion acknowledged as one of Indonesia's official religions, that is, Hinduism (Ramstedt 20146, p.
Ramstedt, "Sweden - Is alcohol becoming an ordinary commodity?" Addiction, vol.
Following are some of the most valuable pointers offered during the sessions "The Power of Persuasion," "Quick Fixes for Slow Markets," "Apartment All Stars Leasing Extravaganza" and "Ahead of the Curve: Exceeding Expectations" from their speakers Kate Good (KG), Lisa Trosien (LT), Sanford Steinberg (SS), Jackie Ramstedt (JR) and Toni Blake (TB).
Skanska AB (STO:SKAB) announced on Tuesday the sale of the office building Laboratoriet 1 in Solna, Sweden, to Ramstedt Holding AB for about SEK300m.
Stacey Ramstedt, senior director of marketing at Paris Presents Inc.
"As we ring in this banner year, it is a perfect time to celebrate the brand's new look and innovation, which enables women to look and feel their best without adding time to their beauty routine," says Stacey Ramstedt, senior director of marketing at Paris Presents.
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Increased drinking among women has been a subject of political concern, (2) despite the fact that men consume more alcohol and narcotics than women and that they cause more problems by doing so (Ramstedt, 2010; Wilsnack et al., 2009).
(16.) Ramstedt M, Leifman H, Muller D, Sundin E, Norstrom T Reducing youth violence related to student parties: findings from a community intervention project in Stockholm.
In 1912, Ramstedt described longitudinal splitting of the pyloric muscle with sparing of the mucosa, which has withstood the test of time.