Jesse, English optician, 1735-1800. See: Ramsden ocular.
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One of them, a very tall fellow, with a small head and a languid air, a youth called Ramsden, who was one of Griffiths' most faithful admirers, copied his ties, his boots, his manner of talking and his gestures, told Philip that Griffiths was very much hurt because Philip had not answered his letter.
I'm saying this entirely on my own," said Ramsden. "He's awfully sorry for what he did, and he says you always behaved like a perfect brick to him.
Once, when he went back to his lodgings at midnight, he saw a woman standing at the area railings and suspecting who it was went to beg a shake-down in Ramsden's rooms; next day the landlady told him that Mildred had sat crying on the doorsteps for hours, and she had been obliged to tell her at last that if she did not go away she would send for a policeman.
"I tell you, my boy," said Ramsden, "you're jolly well out of it.
"It was the only thing he could do," said Ramsden. "It was getting a bit too thick."
Historic fish and chip shop chain Harry Ramsden's has been snapped up by Boparan Restaurant Group (BRG).
HISTORIC fish and chip shop chain Harry Ramsden's has been snapped up by a rival chain from the Boparan Restaurant Group.
Fish and chip competitor Deep Blue Restaurants will take over the 34 Harry Ramsden's sites, as well as its brand, in a debt-free deal.
Big Lots announced that Jonathan Ramsden has been appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, effective August 5.
LONDON (Alliance News) - Bank of England Deputy Governor Dave Ramsden has warned interest rates could move either way in the case of a messy Brexit.
Linda Harrison, 67, offered food and shelter to John Harrison and Emma Ramsden when they were about to find themselves homeless at Christmas.