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(rä-môN′), Gaston Léon 1886-1963.
French bacteriologist who in 1936 discovered a method of producing toxoids, leading to the development of vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus.
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Produce four (4) issues of Recreation Guide including the San Ramon Restaurant Guide as an insert in the Fall of 2015 Recreation Guide, one (1) issue of the San Ramon Performing Arts Season Brochure and four (4) issues of the City of San Ramon Newsletter
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- It's the most wonderful time of year, and the Courtyard San Ramon is ready to spread some good cheer.
Primm Valley Casino Resorts, a US-based resort company, has announced a partnership with Mexican-American musician, Ramon Ayala, to launch an initial Ramon Ayala Cocina and Cantina restaurant in US.
Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness[TM] is a division of San Ramon Valley Fitness, Inc.
Ramon was in Toledo, Ohio, when interviewed by phone last week, and the show was soon to head to New England for engagements in Manchester, N.
Entre los primeros, "Juan Ramon y los Martinez Sierra", de Mariano de Paco, documenta la relacion amistosa, la colaboracion y el carino que existio entre el poeta y la pareja, especialmente Maria; Diez de Revenga, en "Juan Ramon, Juan Guerrero Ruiz y los poetas del 27", establece la devota y larga amistad entre estos dos personajes, asi como las intervenciones de Guerrero Ruiz en situaciones conflictivas entre el poeta y sus discipulos; "Juan Ramon Jimenez y Jose Sanchez Rodriguez: afinidades liricas", de Antonio Sanchez Trigueros, subraya la relacion poetica y amistosa a traves de la cual este poco conocido poeta fue fundamental en la temprana renovacion de la poesia andaluza llevada a cabo por el de Moguer.
Assaf Ramon, 21, died on Sunday when the F-16 fighter jet he was flying crashed in the southern hills of the occupied West Bank.
The Israel Air Force said Ramon, 20, was on a routine training flight and that it had suspended all further training in the US-built jet.
Finding paper is particularly difficult for Ramon and his father because they are conversos, Christians whose ancestors converted from Judaism to Christianity on pain of death.
The PM had been expected to reinstate Ramon in the event of his acquittal.
Arleta resident Ramon Lopez, 65, has been coming to Hansen Dam every morning for the last five years to jog.
When his younger brother is mistaken for Castro and murdered by an assassin working for the Batista regime, Ramon seeks the assassin to exact revenge, but when he sees the cruel conditions in Cuba, he changes allegiance and helps Castro put an end to the Batista government.