Ramachandran plot

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Ram·a·chan·dran plot

a graphic representation in which the dihedral angle of rotation about the α-carbon-to-carbonyl-carbon bond in polypeptides is plotted against the dihedral angle of rotation about the α-carbon-to-nitrogen bond.
Synonym(s): conformational map
[G. N. Ramachandran]
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We initially evaluated the variability of both valence bond geometry and peptide bond planarity in the Ramachandran space using a recent database of protein structure (see Methods for details).
These analyses were conducted by dissecting the Ramachandran space in ([phi], [psi]) boxes and considering collectively all eighteen non-Pro/non-Gly residues.
To assess the role (if any) of secondary structure and to dissect the relative impact of structure and conformation, we performed additional analyses by comparing the mean values of each geometrical parameter of non-Gly/non-Pro residues in specific boxes of the Ramachandran space. The impact of the secondary structure was evaluated by comparing the average values of these parameters for residues either in coil region or in secondary structure elements ([alpha]-helix and [beta]-structure).