Ram's Horn

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A popular term for the most extreme of cutaneous horn, which can simulate the horns of ungulate ruminants and big African game
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For Hewitt the ram's horn is an artefact of the past that can be thrown away into the nettles and forgotten about.
The former was secured in the jovel provisions, enjoining keeping of the regular sabbath and jubilee releases of land, workers and animals, whenever the cry of the ram's horn was heard (Deut.
Soon after, the ram's horn, called el cacho, sounds again, and I ask the horn-blower if he could repeat the blow so we can film him.
Out of 30 inquiries, only four companies sent reps to look at the site: Bob Evans, Ram's Horn, Denny's and International House of Pancakes.
It is made from a ram's horn and makes a ta-kee-ah sound when you blow into it.
e inscribed snu mull, made from ram's horn and silver plate, was recently discovered in Redcar's Conservative Club.
To convey important themes of the season, special icons are interpreted in a variety of artistic techniques -- the dove represents the ideal of peace, the bountiful seeds of the pomegranate stand for blessings, the challah bread baked in a circular shape reminds us of the annual cycle, apples dipped in honey symbolize a sweet year, and the shofar, or ram's horn which is blown during the High Holy Days, serves to announce this special time.
Jews celebrate the New Year by blowing the shofar, a ram's horn, and sharing food including apples and bread dipped in honey.
Led by Alvin Curran playing a ram's horn, the musicians started their ad-hoc performance in St George's Square making a variety of sounds with instruments ranging from the French horn and converted junk, to a basketball and a whistle.
Snails on the "vulnerable list" include the whirlpool ram's horn traditionally found in clear, weedy water in larger streams, rivers and lakes.
During Rosh Hashanah, Jews also hear blasts on the shofar, the ram's horn.
As a warning, a kind of alarm, we blow the Ram's Horn shofar.