Ram's Horn

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A popular term for the most extreme of cutaneous horn, which can simulate the horns of ungulate ruminants and big African game
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After the paint dries, hand-stitch on the ram's horns and dog's ears.
I worried about it, but no one spoke of the possibility that the fall may have damaged the ram's horns.
Don't stare into the red eyes of "Mr Aries", a demonic face with ram's horns moulded on the ceiling in the bar, "for you will see your fate if you stare at his red eyes too long".
His more outlandish creations include a birdcage and a pair of giant ram's horns. But Treacy, 37, also makes more sober designs for occasions such as Royal Ascot.
I looked to my right and saw the ram's horns just poking above the rocks that guarded one side of the bench.
Snuff mulls came in a variety of shapes and most common are ram's horns mounted in silver or pewter.