Ram's Horn

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A popular term for the most extreme of cutaneous horn, which can simulate the horns of ungulate ruminants and big African game
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BLOW IT: A giant shell becomes a musical instrument * IT'S A BLAST: Alvin Curran plays the ram's horn outside Huddersfield railway station.
The North Star began, like the Ram's Horn, in 1847, and despite financial troubles and a name change, it lasted until 1860.
The "Great Shofar Blast Off" is seeking the best rendition of Hebrew notes on the shofar, or ram's horn, which is blown on the Jewish High Holy Days to awaken Jews to new spiritual heights.
This is perhaps most clearly expressed in his poem, The Ram's Horn.
In his monthly newsletter The Ram's Horn he writes, "To my non-legal mind, it appears that the majority opinion expresses a rather abysmal ignorance of biology.
Hanan Sills holds a shofar - a ram's horn - that he uses in a prayer ritual.
The stern-faced England skipper took the stage and had to interlock arms and drink from a ram's horn.
Access to and use of such plots was guaranteed (as expressed in later Israelite law codes) at least every fifty years, when a ram's horn or jovel trumpet (jubilee trumpet) would be blown, signaling release of all debts, land liens, and indentured labor that may have emerged in the interim years due to differing fortunes and disparate abilities (Lev.
They earlier said some 20,000 activists will surround the Senate building and conduct a ''Jericho March'' in silence except for occasional blowing of a ram's horn.
lute, harp, ram's horn (it's hard to find a good ram's horn blower today), tambourine (much easier).
As an activist and publisher of The Ram's Horn, Kneen is strong on resistance to the culture of biotechnology, so I would have liked to see more than a chapter on how citizens can stop terminator seeds and the like.
The mass of a ram's horn is heaviest near the base and tapers down in size toward the tip.