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hor·de·o·lum ex·ter·'num

inflammation of the sebaceous gland of an eyelash.
Synonym(s): sty, stye




n. pl. sties also styes (stīz)
Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid.


Etymology: ME, styanye, eyelid tumor
a purulent infection of a meibomian or sebaceous gland of the eyelid, often caused by a staphylococcal organism. Also spelled stye. Also called hordeolum.
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External hordeolum, eyelash follicle infection Ophthalmology An acute infection of the eyelid's sebaceous glands or hair follicles/eyelashes due to blocked glands in eyelid; once glands are blocked, bacterial infection–often staphylococcal–ensues, resulting in a gob of pus/pimple; the infection resolves when the pus drains from the sty Caution Don't pop pimple, it could worsen; it usually resolves on its own


A suppurative inflammation of a gland or hair follicle of the eyelid.
Synonym(s): sty, stye.
[Mod. L., hordeolus, a sty in the eye, dim. of hordeum, barley]

sty, stye

see external hordeolum.
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