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character in Old Testament of the Bible who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Cain complex - hatred of a brother due to envy or jealousy. Synonym(s): brother complex
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Our domestic boars were raising Cain and heaving against the walls of their enclosures in the next pasture.
We are making hay when we should be making whoopee; we are raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus.
Maybe it's a constructive way of raising Cain in the community.
Raising Cain, Blackface Performance: From Jim Crow to Hip Hop Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 2000, ISBN 0-674-00193-1
Raising Cain with well over a thousand stands, the fair swells the city's Convention Center with a heavily air-conditioned din, braying laughter and New Age muzak.