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A gene on chromosome 9q22.1 that encodes a signalling adapter protein involved in the signal transduction pathways of neurotrophin-activated Trk receptors in cortical neurons. It is highly expressed in the brain, especially in the cerebral cortex, frontal and temporal lobes, occipital pole, hippocampus, caudate nucleus and amygdala.
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Rai Hasan Nawaz and Rai Azizullah both have a good say in the PTI hierarchy and on the same basis, the former was made president of the PTI south Punjab.
He said pending the investigations Rais will not be suspended and he will remain an Umno member.
Rais reminded Malaysians today that he was also once a minister, but Faisal was unimpressed.
Rai, along with the accompanying delegation and Sabhan, briefly sat in the welcome lounge of Riyadh's airport before departing to meet with the Lebanese diaspora in Riyadh.
Disons plutot que c'est le passage d'un rai d'instinct et de tripes a un rai festif et industriel.
The ivory and sand, long-sleeved ensemble flattered Rai, whose weight gain has been in question since she gave birth in November.
Hizbullah hailed Rai's tour of the south as "historic." Sheikh Nabil Kawook, deputy head of Hizbullah's Executive Council, told a rally in the southern village of Majdal Slim Sunday: "It is a patriotic and historic visit that strengthens common coexistence and boosts national unity." He added that Israel was upset with Rai's visit to the border region, AS SAFIR reported.
Speaking to reporters in Paris and in an interview with the Dubai-based al-Arabiya satellite channel last week, Rai linked the fate of Hizbullah's arms to the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Lebanese territory and the return of an estimated 350,000 Palestinian refugees to their homes in Palestine.
At RAI and its operating companies, it's not just a saying: People are the companies' No.
Located in a picturesque location, the gurudwara was built by Baba Ram Rai, the eldest son of the 7th Sikh master, Guru Har Rai.
As part of Berlusconi's broader anti-tax agenda, his new center-right government is drafting a law to lower the unpopular annual $160 TV license fee for TV households (already the lowest in Europe), which pumps $2 billion a year into RAI coffers.
It is officially known as the "RAI Worldwide Project," but the awkward title is a temporary one, created by officials at Rome-based RAI, Italy's state broadcast organization.