Raining Down

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A descriptive term for the ‘dropping’ of fascicles of uniform, pale spindled nevus cells from an irregularly hyperplastic epidermis into the reticular dermis among collagen bundles. As the fascicles drop deeper into the dermis they become smaller (maturation). Raining down is a feature of Spitz nevus, and a soft criterion of benignancy. In addition, the papillary dermis is widened, oedematous and replete with ectatic vessels
References in classic literature ?
It was dropping off in flakes and raining down upon the sand.
With some incoherent half-formed thought to that effect, he turned under the blows that were blinding him and mashing his life, and closed with a murderer, whom he caught by a red neckerchief--unless the raining down of his own blood gave it that hue.
But the three policemen were flung far and wide, and Bill Totts, raining down lumps of coal, held the fort.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A volcano in Western Indonesia erupted eight times in just a few hours, raining down rocks over a large area and forcing thousands to flee their homes, officials said Sunday.
Now, we are not experts in space flight, but isn't there a way to fuel our satellites with something that we wouldn't mind raining down from the skies, infiltrating our ground water or chocolate milk, maybe?
But we have a suggestion: Isn't there some way to fuel our satellites with something that we wouldn't mind raining down from the skies, infiltrating our ground water--chocolate milk, maybe?
I spent many nights in an Andersen shelter during the blitz on Birmingham, hearing the screaming of bombs raining down and the explosions which rocked the ground and the anti-aircraft fire.
Even against Wigan - with their calamitous challenges raining down - he was able to go on a few runs, even nut-megging a few players in the process.
This stunning live album - on CD and DVD - should change that with a barnstorming set which builds quietly from the REMlike Rainbow and Raining Down Arrows to the adrenalin rush rock'n'roll of Gin & Tonic Sky, an anthem the Gallagher brothers would die for.
For pessimists, the heavens offer a host of doomsday scenarios--an asteroid crashing into Earth or deadly cosmic rays raining down on the planet.
Christopher Thomas, 29, of Heron's Way, Castle View, Caerphilly, was accused of raining down blows on an opposition player, a police officer from Kent, while playing a summer recreational game on June 14 for the Cardiff Titans.