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A regional term for LSD
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A new photo has been released of the Top Gear team proudly standing around their rainbow coloured cars, which will also feature in the series.
Message The fans display their banner and rainbow colours
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 22 (ANI): The national rugby team of France will wear rainbow coloured shoe laces in their upcoming match against Fiji on November 24 as a supporting gesture to former Wales international player Gareth Thomas who recently faced a homophobic attack.
The EFL will be changing their logo during the campaign period to a bespoke rainbow coloured version, and a series of short films will be released to share the stories of the games LGBT fans.
The UK's second most photographed clock after Big Ben will be illuminated in a continuous loop of the rainbow colours of the Pride flag from Friday, August 10, to support the celebrations.
For his final outing at Burberry, Christopher Bailey chose the rainbow as the motif that tied the collection together, dedicating it to LGBTQ+ youth around the world, and even incorporating rainbow colours into the house's famous Nova check.
But the flashiest bottom of them all belongs to the male Australian peacock spider, which has evolved a behind that diffracts light to produce a rainbow coloured disco ball-like light show on their butts that could make the early Elton John jealous.
Fast Part's Wales has launched the Rainbow Family Rally, in which participants will have a budget of PS300 to purchase a car and paint it in rainbow colours.
To celebrate the US Supreme Court's ruling, the White House was on Friday lit up in rainbow colours.
Across the Atlantic, the White House remained lit up in rainbow colours to mark the supreme court's decision to make gay marriage legal in all states.
A ROW has broken out after a proposal to light-up a landmark in rainbow colours for a gay pride festival was defeated.

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