Rainbow Family

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A family with children of mixed or different races or ethnicities
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Josephine Baker and the Rainbow Tribe, by Matthew Pratt Guterl.
He made his feature film debut in 2011 as tough-guy Ryan Tucker in The Rainbow Tribe.
He says that in 15 years time all the shops in the high street will have been squatted by the brothers in our rainbow tribe and turned into arts centres, alternative seats of learning and chemistry labs.
You are children of spirit the many colors of light and Sakia now watches upon us all A proud passionate ancestor guiding and protecting her rainbow tribe (43-50)
Whether or not the poem is parabolic, it does manifest the ability of the rainbow tribe to rework a spirituality that, even if not consciously originating in a particular religious tradition, is reminiscent of Christian themes: belief in an afterlife where individuals continue to live and have power, personalizing of a god figure who is empathetic and in some way participatory in the lives of those who are oppressed, and the belief that a martyr's death is not meaningless.
Also in attendance will be Carena Lasko, author of ``The Magic of the Rainbow Tribe,'' a police officer, firefighter and Green Bay Packers running back Darick Holmes.
She amassed and lost several fortunes, acquired and routinely pawned fabulous jewels, married and divorced five husbands, was decorated for her work in the Resistance, and purchased a 600-acre estate, where she housed the Rainbow Tribe, a dozen children adopted to prove that, despite their motley backgrounds, they could grow up in harmony.
Nancy Weisberg, a member of the Camarillo YMCA Indian Maiden Program's Chumash Rainbow tribe, visited the center and said she was impressed by the Indians' knowledge of nature.
Adams said he invited officials to participate in the consensus-building councils that guide the Rainbow tribes, but they refused.