Rainbow Family

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A family with children of mixed or different races or ethnicities
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Even though I'd never been to a gathering before, I knew vaguely what I was in for during my five days deep in the woods of Wisconsin: maybe some Carlebach tunes around a campfire, dreadlocked white guys, magic mushrooms, nomadic punks (and their dogs), nudists, and Rainbow catchphrases ("loving you") that I'd heard around Brooklyn and upstate New York from Rainbow family I met at other festivals.
The Rainbow family cafe at Townhead Parish Church will be open on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30pm to 3pm.
The club operates on a charitable organisation basis and supports charities including Catholic Schools Sports Federation, Christie Hospital Cancer Research and Rainbow Family Trust.
Despite the palace's opposition, the couple reportedly wanted to "bring the baby back to Kensington Palace within weeks" and "have a rainbow family like Angelina Jolie."
Forest Service uses the same argument of environmental damage for thousands as it uses for one ("Rainbow Family, Forest Service at odds on environmental impact," July 11).
Before the trend for celebrities adopting orphans from poverty-stricken regions took off, the actress declared: "I want to create a rainbow family. That's children of different religions and cultures, from different countries.
For years, a group of hippies known as the Rainbow family has been engaging in large annual occupations of BLM and forest Service-managed lands in the West, attorney Macfarlane notes.
After months of planning and careful design to make it as appealing and easy-to-use as possible, Rainbow Family Life[TM] (RFL) Publications has launched www.rainbowfamilylife.com, the first full-service website dedicated to supporting non-traditional LGBT families through first-rate reporting, as well as ongoing audience-generated discussions that can act as a clearinghouse for the myriad issues and unexpected hurdles frequently confronted by LGBT and other non-traditional parents.
Fast Part's Wales has launched the Rainbow Family Rally, in which participants will have a budget of PS300 to purchase a car and paint it in rainbow colours.
Neuroblastoma has an 80% chance of returning which would leave the Rainbow family with no choice but to go to America for special "relapse" treatment, costing between PS500,000 and PS550,000.