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A regional term for LSD
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It was the only chance of seeing her lover before they were separated, and she did not hesitate to break the bottle and pour their contents into the basin, when the Rainbow appeared at once.
They were not allowed much time for their adieus; the Rainbow vanished, and the Princess, resolved to run all risks, started off at once, taking nothing with her but her dog, her cat, a sprig of myrtle, and the stone which the wife of Locrinos gave her.
In the midst of this room stood a couch, draped with curtains of all the colours of the rainbow, and suspended by golden cords so that it swayed with the Castle in a manner which rocked its occupant delightfully to sleep.
On this elegant couch lay Prince Rainbow, looking more beautiful than ever, and sunk in profound slumber, in which he had been held ever since his disappearance.
The wedding was celebrated without delay, and succeeding years diminished neither the virtues, beauty, nor the mutual affection of King Rainbow and his Queen, Fairer-than-a-Fairy.
All I could see was the blotch of shadow and the rainbow flashes, the dust rising from the invisible feet, the earth tearing up from beneath the straining foot-grips, and the wire screen bulge once or twice as their bodies hurled against it.
Rainbow Sports has been working directly with NASCAR to seek sponsorships for minority teams and drivers since 1999.
Camp Rainbow has offered the getaway for 15 years to young Cedars-Sinai Medical Center patients with hematologic and ontological illnesses.
Every Fourth of July, the Rainbow Gathering draws up to 30,000 of the strangest people in the world to a different national forest each year.
5 millimeters] would seem to exclude most raindrops from contributing to the rainbow," says Kenneth V.
Five years after introducing the first original content created exclusively for Video-On-Demand, Rainbow Media announced today a broad expansion of its Video-On-Demand services.
Bill Horn, assistant media director for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance in Los Angeles, said the rainbow flag was adopted as a symbol for the gay community about 12 years ago.