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A regional term for LSD
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Mungai is a doctoral student at New York University and assistant program director at Rainbo, an organization devoted in large part to advocating for African women around the issue of female circumcision.
Working at the "intersection between health and human rights of women," RAINBO accurately describes itself as "the premier global authority on [FGM] in the international donor and technical agency community.
Bush and at least 15 other homeowners have halved their tax liability at their Rainbo Club acreage through a 1977 measure, allowing club properties to be designated as recreational, park and scenic land.
based anti-FGM organization RAINBO, described FGM victims when she testified at the 1993 Global Tribunal on Violations of Women's Human Rights.
An occasional large rainbo trout would glide by, and insects swarmed.
I planted three semi-dwarf old time apple trees between two rock ridges (Summer Rainbo, Smoke House, and Snow Apple).
For example, Campbell Taggart's Rainbo Bakeries came out with IronKids (white) Bread, said to have the fiber, iron and nutrients of whole wheat.
In addition to the national fresh bakery brand Sara Lee, the acquisition provides Grupo Bimbo with a collection of leading regional bakery brands, such as Grandma Sycamore's, Heiner's and Rainbo.
He worked as a driver and sales representative for Rainbo Bakery for 30 years.