Erichsen, Sir John

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Sir John, English surgeon, 1818-1896.
Erichsen disease - neurosis following spinal injury. Synonym(s): railway spine
Erichsen sign - in sacroiliac disease, pain when sudden pressure approximates the iliac bones.
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Add in Birmingham's booming city centre and the key tourist attractions at Stratford, Warwick and Kidderminster and you have a railway spine for the region's economic powerhouses.
The high number of publications by the French and the Americans reflects what might be called the double origin of male hysteria as a medical construct: It stems in part from American and English neurological theories about trauma following railway accidents (called "railway spine"), an issue which began to gain attention in the 1860s, and in part from the influential French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot's expansion of interest from female to male hysteria at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, beginning in the early 1880s.
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