Rail Rage

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A threat or act of violence on overcrowded commuter trains, especially in urban Japan, which arises on a substrate of stress variously linked to a prolonged recession, job layoffs, familial or other tension, and may escalate into altercation or, if extreme, manslaughter
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IT'S not strictly road rage this week - more like rail rage.
RAIL rage has soared to an all-time high, with increasing numbers of attacks on staff across the UK.
SOUTH Wales train staff are receiving self-defence lessons to combat rail rage attacks.
A COMMUTER pushed a train station attendant on to the tracks in a horrifying rail rage attack, a jury heard yesterday.
Across Britain, especially in the South-east, overcrowding on trains has long been an issue - and now rail rage seems to be a problem.
IN TRAINING Rail staff are combating rail rage with self defence classes.
TRAIN staff are receiving self-defence lessons from British Airways to combat rail rage attacks, it was revealed yesterday.
AN upsurge in incidents of rail rage has led to train bosses hiring a security firm at one of Scotland's busiest stations.
Sir, - With reference to your front page article 'All steamed up as rail rage soars' (Post, Aug 25), the Central Trains spokesman's quote that they had only received 89 complaints reported this year and that this is "peanuts", smacks of their total conte mpt for customers.