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Georg Johann, Norwegian ophthalmologist, 1889-1956. See: Raeder paratrigeminal syndrome.
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Paul Taylor was inches away from an equaliser when his stunning long-range shot struck the bar but Yeovil sewed it up when Francois Zoko set up Green to sidefoot past Lukas Raeder.
Subs not used: Maddison, Golubickas BRADFORD: Raeder, Hanson, Kilgallon (Thompson 46), Vincelot, Robinson, Gilliead, Law, Dieng (Devine 70), McCartan (Poleon 75), Wyke, Taylor.
I was fresh out of library school and somewhat ambitious, so I eagerly accepted the chance to write the Internet Express column in Searcher magazine when dear Aggi Raeder suggested that I succeed her.
the chief of naval command, Admiral Erich Raeder (1876-1960), championed the earlier naval concept, which focused on a potential conflict with France and Poland.
Doksrod S, Lofgren B, Nordhammer A, Svendsen MV, Gisselsson L, Raeder J.
This study is a step towards discovering how "stand-in" cells can secrete insulin in the body," said Helge Raeder of the K.
Como ha demostrado Raeder (2010:14), el tipo de urbanismo olimpico fomentado en la mayoria de los mega-eventos deportivos ademas de producir nuevas geografias, casi siempre genera tambien nuevos estigmas y desigualdades socio-espaciales.
Raeder syndrome (paratrigeminal oculosympathetic syndrome) is a rare clinical entity characterized by ipsilateral trigeminal sensory deficits, ptosis, and miosis, with an absence of anhidrosis secondary to interruption of the postganglionic oculosympathetic pathway.
Shiva Kavosi and Joachim "Jimmy" Raeder of the University of New Hampshire studied seven years of in situ data taken during NASA's Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) mission, a constellation of five satellites launched in 2007 to study the magnetosphere.
Historically, the effects of father absence and separation on infant emotional wellbeing have been investigated through the mediums of military deployment and divorce (Abramowicz, 2012; Ludolph & Dale, 2012; Raeder, 2012; Osofsky & Chartrand, 2013).
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Paises como Noruega con el profesor Johan Raeder, en anestesia pediatrica, Holanda con el profesor Frank Enbers, y Escocia con el profesor Stephan Schraag, y profesores de otros paises, estan dispuestos a recibir a los estudiantes de posgrado de Anestesiologia de Colombia, para formacion en TIVA.