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an image or record produced on exposed or processed film by radiography.
Relative positions of x-ray tube, patient, and film necessary to make the radiograph shown. Bones tend to stop diagnostic x-rays, but soft tissue does not. This results in the light and dark regions that form the image. From Thompson et al., 1994.
bite-wing radiograph a type of dental radiograph that reveals the crowns, necks, and coronal thirds of the roots of both the upper and lower posterior teeth, as well as the dental arches, produced using bite-wing film.
cephalometric radiograph a radiograph of the head, including the mandible, in full lateral view; used to make measurements; called also cephalogram.
flat plate radiograph a radiograph that visualizes abdominal organs and some abnormalities. It is usually one of the first diagnostic studies performed in assessing a patient for gastrointestinal disorders; no special physical preparation of the patient is necessary.
panoramic radiograph a type of extraoral body-section radiograph on which the entire maxilla or mandible can be depicted on a single film.
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Obsolete term for radiograph.
[radio- + G. gramma, something written]
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1. A message transmitted by wireless telegraphy.
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