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A long-abandoned field of medical care, which was based on the scientifically naive assertion that because electrons are the basic biological unit, all diseases represent a disequilibrium in electronic harmony

radionics (rā·dē·ˑ·niks),

n healing system that uses symbolic and energetic correspondences to diagnose and deliver treatment.
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Curry joined the latter at Sinclair Radionics in 1966, but left 12 years later.
Integra Radionics is releasing ImageFusion 3, its latest image registration software.
Doom Buggies and Radionics are playing sets ahead of Alexander.
A global leader in the fields of neurosurgery, neurological pain treatment, and radiation therapy, Radionics designs and manufactures advanced neurosurgical instrumentation that helps brain surgeons operate with a higher degree of precision, causing less trauma to the patient.
OFTEN radionics is confused with radiotherapy,but is in fact all about energy patterns and how they signify disease.
122 Radiodetection 3456 Radionics (see Bosch Security Systems) 2317 Rapor, Inc.
At age 21 he registered his first company, Sinclair Radionics, and the Sinclair Micro-6 was soon launched with the claim of being the smallest radio on earth.
Because the book interrelates so many areas--from physics to biochemistry, from dowsing to Qi Gong, from acupuncture to remote viewing, from radionics to Feng Shui, from Chi flow to chakras, from manifestation to Consciousness itself--no one reviewer can do justice to it.
Doctors from all over the world come here to watch him perform, and Radionics, the company that makes much of the state-of-the-art equipment for neurosurgeons, sends its engineers to Sarasota every week to make sure he gets first crack at what Schumacher calls, the "latest and greatest in trying to fix the brain.
Three-dimensional models are being used to study cardiac arrhythmias at Duke University in North Carolina, and researchers at Radionics Software Applications in Burlington, Vt.