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Microfacies: Varying from well-orientated carbonate mud-wackestone that consists mainly of well-rounded poorly-preserved silt-sized calcite grains (probably disarticulated and eroded bivalve fragments) and radiolaria to complete micrite-dominated accumulations.
Thick-bedded Limestone, yellow weathered to buff color having radiolaria and sponge spicule
The Radiolaria Gallery (accessible from a separate menu) can enhance a taxonomy, microscopy, or evolution unit.
Millenial scale climate variability of the northeast Pacific Ocean and northwest North America based on radiolaria and pollen.
Dykes and sills cut radiolarites and cherts bearing Lower Cretaceous, Cenomanian and Santonian radiolaria (Galli, 1979; Schmidt-Effing, 1979; Baumgartner, 1984; Heine et al.
From Charles Darwin's study of barnacles to Ernst Haeckel's monumental works on radiolaria, sponges, and corals, a grand nineteenth-century tradition, sustained by both amateur and professional naturalists, encouraged an absorbed, meditative engagement with extremely basic organisms.
Most of them, according to the Web site radiolaria.
Papers by Paul Smith on Early Jurassic molluscs, Claudia Schroder-Adams and Jim Haggart on Jurassic foraminifera, Elizabeth Carter and Jira Haggart on Jurassic and Cretaceous radiolaria, and Justine Pearson and Richard Hebda on leaf morphotypes are all consistent with northerly late Mesozoic paleolatitudes for the outboard insular terrane, in opposition to the paleomagnetically-indicated more southerly option.
The flora and fauna of this shale is dominated by the microfossil groups foraminifera, radiolaria, diatoms, and macrofossil groups like filamentous algae, cetaceans, sirenians, pinnipeds, fish, birds, ostracod crustaceans, bivalves, gastropods, bryozoans, polychaetes, leaves, and woody plant debris (Buckeridge & Finger 2001).
Primary productivity by symbiont-bearing planktonic sarcodines (Acantharia, Radiolaria and Foraminifera) in surface waters near Bermuda.
It is simply impossible to imagine the work of Frei Otto or Buckminster Fuller on gridshells without Ernst Haeckel's studies of Radiolaria.